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With old resentments against her beautiful best friend threatening to boil over, an insecure Korean-American woman must learn that the real answer to happiness is self-love, not plastic surgery.
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This story is centered around the insecurity of the protagonist, Areum (which means beautiful in Korean), and how it threatens to hamper the relationship with her longtime friend, Jane (as in plain Jane).

Areum is fixated on her appearance, convinced that her monolidded eyes are why she is unpretty, especially in comparison with Jane, who has double-lidded eyes and is so beautiful that she could be mistaken for a K-Pop idol.

When a man humiliates Areum in front of Jane, Areum has to decide whether to finally face a long-festering sore spot and see her own value or whether she will let her friendship with Jane deteriorate.


Pink Lipstick
Made in Chicago by womxn of color.

Currently, our creative team consists of:

Hanah Chang (writer and lead actor), Quand Robinson Thomas (producer), and

Amy Limpinyakul (director of photography). 

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